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Warm and Sweet Guestrooms
We have 178 exquisite luxury guestrooms and a variety of suites, offering our customers a luxury and comfortable 5-star hotel stay.
The design of the rooms is concise with light colored, refreshing, comfortabl, warm and elegant style. The rooms provide a panoramic view of the distant T3 terminal.
All rooms are provided with free wifi service and equipped with LCD TV. Furthermore, the suites are all equipped with facilities such as automatic flushing toilet, protective mattress of moderate softness and cotton yarn bedspread of high-dense fabric, which ensure you a sound and restful sleep and provide you a cozy and comfortable working and resting space.

Deluxe King Size Room: 35m2, a double bed of 1.8 meters wide, 40" LCD TV.
Deluxe Twin Bed Room: 42m2, two beds of 1.2 meters wide each, 40" LCD TV.
Deluxe Business Suite: 58m2, a double bed of 1.8 meters wide, 42" LCD TV, private living room\ computer and office facility\ automatic flushing toilet.
Deluxe Leisure Suite: 58m2, a double bed of 1.8 meters wide, 42" LCD TV, private living room\ office facility\ mahjong machine\ automatic flushing toilet.
Deluxe Suite: 68m2, a double bed of 1.8 meters wide, 42" LCD TV, private living room\ computer and office facility\ automatic flushing toilet.

Tianhe Seafood Restaurant
Tianhe Seafood Restaurant is located at the first floor of the hotel. The design of the restaurant has a unique style which combines classical and traditional design with modern facilities. Tianhe Seafood Restaurant provides all kinds of fresh but cheap seafood as well as premium cuisines such as bird’s nest, abalone and shark’s fin, which makes people fully enjoy the classic and luxury Chinese cuisine culture. Delicious and exquisite Cantonese cuisine chooses green, non-polluting ingredients from the deep mountain of Shenlongjia delivered by direct air transportation, which can fully maintains the food’s original taste and flavor, but also promotes a natural and healthy dietary culture as well. An organic farm is particularly built at local in order to provide various freshest food ingredients. Meanwhile, the restaurant also provides special dishes of Hunan cuisine which gives families and individuals more options. All kinds of snacks, main courses, soups and desserts will be a best choice of Cantonese morning tea. No matter it is private party or business negotiation, several individual dining rooms will meet all your requirements to provide a luxury and distinguished dining experience.

Western Restaurant
The restaurant serves breakfast buffet and western snacks. Various exquisite set meals make you enjoy native western food with ease. Our chef chooses fresh and premium food ingredients and cooks all kinds of delicious cuisines with excellent cooking skills. Those creative, delicious dishes and desserts will leave an unforgettable dining impression on gourmets.

Banquet Specialist
The hotel owns one European style banquet hall and one Chinese style banquet hall, each owning an area of 600m2 and reaching 6 meters high. The banquet halls are luxury and can cater for 1000 guests at the same time. There’re oversized LED screen wall, professional lighting and audio devices. Meanwhile, it also has very rich experience in planning and preparing fashionable, elegant weddings. We will make every effort to create a beautiful wedding world for you. With the professional wedding planning team, nice and sweet service, deeply touching and moving wedding ceremony, spacious and elegant banquet lobby, various selected beverages, specialized banquet menu and unparalleled flower decoration, the hotel will provide new couples a romantic and unforgettable wedding in your lifetime.
Tianhe Seafood Restaurant is an ideal place for your family gatherings, business banquets, wedding and birthday parties.

Conference Specialist
No matter it is business activity or social party, we have a professional team to help you with every detail and ensure the success of your activity. We own 2 large banquet halls and 3 individual conference rooms of multi-functions, which make us a first choice for all kinds of top business and social activities. A 600m2 large banquet hall that can be separated into 3 individual medium conference rooms is equipped with top-end multimedia equipments, advanced conference audiovisual facilities, stage settings and multimedia control rooms. Our professional conference team with rich experience will offer you a customized plan according to your own requirements. A sweet one-stop service will ensure each activity ends as per your expectation.

Healthy Foot Bath
It is located at the 3rd floor of the hotel which has 16 luxury rooms. Each room is equipped with advanced luxury seats and LCD TV. The entire room is mainly decorated in a concise Chinese style with carefully chosen furnishing materials. The room is luxury, unique, refreshing, elegant, warm and cozy. The company is a health organization which aims at promoting Chinese culture of health preserving, develops and spreads Chinese traditional nursing theory and practice, popularizes Chinese culture through specialized nourishing and foot bath. It combines ancient back massage and kidney massage skills to provide thoughtful services for a wide range of customers, which is highly favored all over the society. The company holds the entrepreneurial belief of “cultivate virtue and humanity together, do good to the society and preserve good health”, in the hope to popularize and promote Chinese health preserving idea and practical methods to the whole society in its own way.

Chess and Card Room
The chess and card room is situated on the 3rd floor of the hotel. It has 6 rooms, all equipped with internationally most advanced electronic mahjong tables. Each room is equipped with a rest area with sofa, a PDP TV and provided with beverage services.

The Gym is situated in the health club on the 3rd floor which is nice spot to enjoy the pleasant landscape. Those top-brand fitness equipments assist customers in effectively shaping best body figures. A well-equipped sauna room can fully relax your mind and body. Other various fitness equipments such as running machine, cycling machine, vertical and horizontal exercise bike are available for use.

Mini Book Bar
The mini book bar is located at the 4th floor. The wooden column carved with flowers naturally separates the book bar from the nearby guestrooms. The built-in wooden bookshelves across the entire wall create a space of tranquility and ease. The brown soft leather sofa cushions make the color of entire book bar bright and relaxed. The overall atmosphere of the book bar is cozy but formal. Here you can drink coffee while reading books, or taste delicious afternoon tea while enjoying peaceful moment, just fully relax yourself.

The Hanging Garden
Located at the 4th floor of the hotel, the cozy hanging garden possesses black cane-made tables and chairs as well as teakwood-made sunshades. There’s a pathway paved with cobblestones in black and white. When the lights lit up at dusk, the rhythm of the waterwheel and the surrounding green plants reflect each other to create a vivid picture. On that occasion, a private cocktail party or ceremonial evening party is just at the right time to start. The hanging garden is also your best choice for relaxing and resting.